Who's On First?

Meriwether Lewis Electric Cooperative’s process of restoring service after a power outage is more complex than some realize. Like many other utilities, MLEC follows a calculated plan that prioritizes a collective group over individual cases. This plan of action restores power to the greatest number of members at one time, in a shorter timeframe.

As a result, the first reporter does not always claim the spotlight of getting their power restored first. Allowances are sometimes made, but here’s an example of how outages are addressed.

  1. The main distribution line from the substation must be fixed before anyone can have power. This is our first step because it goes directly to the main power source and repairs damage there first. If a problem is detected and corrected there, power can be restored to thousands of people at one time.
  2. Correcting problems as we go and working out from the substation, crews fix the lines that bring power to the greatest number of people in a community.
  3. After larger groups of members have had power restored, crews fix the service lines to individual homes.

Outage Reporting

During the regular business hours of Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Hickman County: (931) 729-3558
Lewis County: (931) 796-3116
Perry County: (931) 589-2151
Humphreys County: (931) 296-2581
Houston County: (931) 289-3311
After-hours: 1-888-879-6038

MLEC's Facebook and Twitter pages are not monitored 24/7. For the quickest, safest response, do not use social media to report your power outage to MLEC.

How to Help

When trees fall onto power lines, the stress can pull electrical equipment away from your home (see illustration at below). Everything on the left of the dotted line is MLEC’s responsibility to repair. Everything on the right side is your responsibility and has to be repaired before MLEC can restore power to your home.

1. Contact

Call MLEC to disconnect the lines to your weatherhead. If you or an electrician touch the wires before the lines are disconnected by MLEC, the result could be deadly.

2. Get an electrician

After MLEC has disconnected the wires, get an electrician to fix the weatherhead and your meter base. Then, when MLEC has made repairs in your area, you’ll be ready to be connected.

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