Becoming A Member 
MLEC is not-for profit and member-owned. When applying for service, please bring:

  • Proof of property ownership, i.e. closing papers, deed, property tax documents, etc.
  • If renting or leasing, a signed rental agreement from the property owner.
  • To protect your privacy and identity, MLEC follows Federal Trade Commission Red Flag guidelines. When applying for service, you must bring a government issued photo ID (driver's license or passport) and your social security card, or a W2 with your number listed. (If filing a joint spouse membership application, both persons need to be present with required documents.) If applying for a business bring tax exempt/federal ID if applicable.
  • Deposit may be required. Check with use for current fee schedule. (In lieu of a deposit, residential accounts may be eligible to provide a letter of credit from your previous electric utility or choose our pre-paid energy option.)

State of Tennessee Requirements
The state of Tennessee requires a temporary, rough-in, service release and final inspection and septic permit. Some or all these inspections may apply. To check and schedule these inspections, visit

For septic tank details check

Site Requirements Before Cost Sheet Is to Be Paid

  • Member needs to obtain all easements for MLEC necessary from your property to the existing power line.
  • Must have a 911 address.
  • Member will need 40-foot right of way —Twenty (20) feet on each side of the line. Must be cleared for all new primary lines. This clearing and associated costs are the member's responsibility.
  • Member will need to contact MLEC Engineering Technician two weeks prior to service release for final job cost sheet.

Other Notes

  • All fees and charges must be paid**, easements obtained, electrical inspections approved, and right-of-way requirements met before any MLEC work will begin. **Credit card payments are strictly limited to a $1500 maximum.
  • Due to demand, material availability, weather and other factors, it is not possible to estimate how long it will be before service is connected.
  • Non-Residential power contracts, outlining service details, security deposit, minimum bill requirements, etc. may be created and execution required before service starts.
  • Sub-Divisions & Mobile Home Parks require an acceptable plat or drawing for cost estimation. A blanket right-of-way easement must be obtained and submitted by the contractor/developer.

Residential Deposits and Partial Fee List: Deposit $275.00. Meter Fee $25.00. Membership $5.00

Prepay: Initial Start-up Payment $50.00. Meter Fee $25.00. Membership $5.00

Non-Residential: Contact MLEC for personal assistance

Contact your local office for additional fees and information.

MLEC Wiring Permits

Electrical Permits & Inspections

New construction requires purchase of an electrical permit and inspections through the State of Tennessee at their website Comprehensive Online Regulatory & Enforcement System (CORE):

Who can purchase permit and schedule inspections?

  1. Individual or company that is a licensed contractor.
  2. Property owner that will be performing their own electrical work on property they own.
  3. Rental property requires a licensed electrician to obtain the permit.

Information you will need to purchase the permit:

  1. Type of permit:
    a. Non-Standard Electrical Proposal
    b. Residential-Single Family
    c. Residential-THDA Rehab
    d. Residential-Townhouse
    e. Residential-Two Family
    f. Standard Electrical (for all electrical work)
  2. Organize and/or homeowner name and contact (mail, phone, email, fax, website) for the permit purchaser, construction location, and owner. Information may be duplicated between addresses:
    Main Address:
    a. Contractor or homeowner purchasing the permit
    b. Construction Address: Location where electrical services will be performed
    c. Owner Address: Contractor or homeowner purchasing the permit
  3. Permit type:
    a. Structure type: Single family, multi family, industrial/commercial, mobile home, other
    b. Service size - amperes
    c. Permit type: Final, rough-in, temporary, HVAC, service release, or re-inspect
    d. Occupancy Type
  4. Contractor name and license number if work not performed by property owner.
  5. Payment method: debit/credit card or eCheck account.

Where to purchase and manage permits, inspections, and view detailed instructions for using the online system:
View printed guides and CORE Definition, includes link to login page: Click here.
Login page to purchase permits, inspections, and view video tutorials: Click here.

Security Lights

Security Lights

Installing a security light will increase the safety of your home and property, allow you to spend more time outdoors, and give you peace of mind. MLEC installs and maintains residential security lights for low, monthly fees, conveniently added to your electric bill each month.

Stop by, call or e-mail us to get signed up for a security light at your home or business.