MLEC Meters

MLEC Meters

Increased Reliability
The new meters help us deliver better service, control rising operating expenses, and improve system reliability through improved outage management. Advanced meters provide data on our electric system equipment which can diagnose issues and prevent outages from happening and shorten them when they do.

Other Benefits

Other Benefits
Advanced meters also offer benefits our members have been requesting:

  • Outage maps
  • Less need to access property behind secure gates
  • More information about the amount of energy you are using for greater efficiency opportunities
  • Environmental benefits through the interconnectivity of renewable energy sources and demand response

(Residential meters have a white sticker, while non-residential meters are blue.)

Common Questions

It works on a wireless technology, much like your cellular phone. Advanced metering technology leverages low amounts of radio frequency (RF) to enhance wireless communications.

We are committed to member safety. Several agencies, including the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), have verified the safety and security of RF technology used in advanced meters. Like your microwave, cellphone, laptop, and other wireless devices like baby monitors, advanced meters do use radio frequency – but at much lower levels. The typical cellphone, for example, uses RF at levels thousands of times higher than an advanced meter. Additionally, many water, gas and electric utilities surrounding the MLEC territory, across the state, and across the country already use advanced meters.

MLEC respects our members privacy and has strong security measures in place for protecting data. The meters used by MLEC only record the amount of energy used and when it is consumed. Data is used for monthly billing and to help you understand ways you can save energy based on your readings. How the energy is used is not recorded.