Affordable Connectivity Program

(The Affordable Connectivity Program is ending soon. View Resources to learn more.) The ACP is an FCC benefit program that helps ensure that households can afford the broadband they need for work, school, healthcare and more.

MLConnect Battery Backup Device

To avoid an internet or phone interruption during a power outage, many devices require a battery backup. This is especially helpful for phones to maintain the ability to contact 911 emergency services. As such, MLConnect offers a battery backup purchase option ($100, plus tax - subject to change).

Legal Information

MLConnect strives to provide quality phone, world-class broadband and hometown service. Meeting this commitment requires following these standards:

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Copies available by email or visit any MLEC/MLConnect office.

MLConnect RV Equipment Enclosure

For RVs and other mobile home units (moveable with wheels)

With RV and other moveable structures, equipment is at risk creating a service reliability issue. As such, these locations are required to have an enclosure for MLConnect equipment before the drop and installation can be completed.

For convenience, these can be purchased from MLEC ($325 plus tax - subject to change), or they can be purchased directly at: 

Altelix 14x12x8 Fiberglass Weatherproof Vented NEMA Enclosure with 120 VAC Outlets, Power Cord & 85°F Turn-On Cooling Fan - Altelix

Alternate enclosures can be used; however, they must be pre-approved and meet these required specifications:

  • Dimensions: 14x12x8
  • Be weatherproof.
  • Include ventilation AND a fan.
  • Contain at least 2 outlets.


Kenneth Dunavant, MLConnect Outside Plant Supervisor
Phone: 931-296-2581, ext. 4023

Eric Hickerson, MLConnect Fiber Staking Technician I
Phone: 931-729-7266