Power Cost Increases in June

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TVA adjusts rates to summer prices and accounts for fuel costs

(May 31, 2024) — The price of electricity will be higher in June as the Tennessee Valley Authority moves to summer rates and their fuel adjustment cost increases. Meriwether Lewis members will pay about $7.93 more (a 5 percent increase) compared to May based on an average household that uses 1200 kilowatt-hours. The total residential kilowatt-hour price is $0.09927, which is slightly lower than the seasonal rate compared to the previous two years. Members can find a complete rate schedule at mlec.com in the “About MLEC” section.

Meriwether Lewis understands that price increases can impact a member’s budget and summer temperatures will likely increase energy use. As your local cooperative, we offer these rebates to help manage costs long-term:

  1. Free energy audits and evaluations to find what home improvements you need
  2. Heat pump financing and rebates (up to $1500)
  3. Home insulation rebates (up to $1000)
  4. Duct system rebates ($300)
  5. Air sealing and window rebates

Visit mlec.com under the “Ways to Save” tab or email nathan.wagner@mlec.com to learn more about using energy wisely. View our top 10 simple steps to lower your energy bill this summer at Ways To Save – Meriwether Lewis Electric Cooperative (mlec.com).

MLEC is a member-owned, not-for-profit electric utility that serves more than 34,500 meters in Hickman, Houston, Humphreys, Lewis and Perry counties. We are your source for power and broadband and help build brighter futures for the communities we serve. Learn more at www.mlec.com/about-mlec.

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