Building A Brighter Future

Meriwether Lewis Electric Cooperative is working to build a brighter future for those we serve by delivering safe, affordable, reliable electricity and fast, affordable, reliable broadband. It is a big goal, but making day-to-day living easier for those we serve is the whole reason cooperatives exist.

Elected by our member-owners at meetings held in each county every October, those that serve on the MLEC Board of Directors have a special role in helping accomplish this goal. Their decisions with setting policies, approving programs, and helping our electric distribution and fiber network evolve are not always easy. But, they are committed to learning about our industry, listening to local needs, and creating opportunities that treat the cooperative fairly across all five counties.

The individuals that represent you are diverse. Some work full time jobs while some are retired, but they all work hard within their communities as volunteers and leaders. They may come from different backgrounds, but they stand united to keep people, not profit, at the heart of everything they do.

Hickman County: Johnnie Ruth Elrod, Dr. Zack Hutchens, and Wayne Qualls
Houston County: Sam Fussell and Cass Rye
Humphreys County: David Daniel, Larry Mayberry, Andy Porch and Jessie Wallace
Lewis County: Dr. Jeff Peery and Bill Webb
Perry County: Ronny Averett and Tommy Graham

MLEC membership meetings and elections are held each October for expiring Board of Director terms. For 2024, Humphreys County is the only district with an election. (Expiring term is Andy Porch, who is seeking re-election.) MLEC members wishing to run for the board of directors need to file a Declaration of Candidacy form by July 15, 2024. Qualifications are printed in the MLEC Bylaws, on the declaration form, and in the About MLEC section of this website. The 2024 Annual Meeting will take place in Humphreys County in October. Watch The Tennessee Magazine for official notices.

Perry - Tommy Graham


MLEC Board of Directors 2

"Change comes much faster now than at any time in history, and the entire MLEC team is ready. Using our 83 years of experience as a foundation to serve the present, we are preparing for what comes next. MLEC is committed, reliable and building a co-op that can meet and anticipate the power and broadband needs of those we serve well into the future."