Want A More Comfortable Home With Lower Heating and Cooling Bills?

Why do you need air sealing and home insulation?

Quality levels of attic insulation will make your home more comfortable and help save on heating and cooling costs.

MLEC’s member rebate program helps make this home upgrade more affordable, and as your trusted energy partner, we can help you get the most for your investment.

$500 MLEC Rebate Available (Some restrictions apply.)

HIP, HIP today!

MLEC’s Home Insulation Program is one way we can help those we serve have a more comfortable home year-round and save on heating and cooling costs.

With a $500 rebate and advice on quality insulation materials, installation and levels, we ensure you get the most out of your investment.

“An uninsulated home is like standing with the door open. The air you are paying to heat and cool leaks outside. MLEC’s home insulation program makes weatherizing your home more affordable and helps shut the door on attic leaks.” - MLEC Energy Specialist Nathan Wagner


MLEC Program Rebate Requirements:

  • Rebate available to MLEC members only.
  • Residential, single-dwelling homes only; apartment, duplex and commercial ineligible.
  • Insulation must be blown-in type (cellulose or fiberglass).
  • Home must be at least 12 months old. When combined, existing and new insulation must reach the R38 industry standard (approx. 12-14 inches deep.)
  • Installations (professional and "do-it-yourself") subject to evaluation.
  • MLEC suggested air sealing not required.
  • Must complete incentive form and supply original receipt of purchase.
  • Renter is eligible for incentive if they are the member AND owner affidavit is completed and signed by owner.
  • Eligible for incentive within 90-days of date of purchase/installation receipt.
  • For do-it-yourself installations, rebate applies to purchase costs only.
  • Due to efficiency benefit level, R38 is the maximum R-value eligible for rebate.
  • Program subject to change and offered while funds are available.

More insulation rebates available:

As an MLEC member, you could earn an additional $500 rebate for home insulation because we participate in the Tennessee Valley Authority’s EnergyRight® program. The work must be done by a licensed contractor on TVA’s approved list and other restrictions apply. (DIY projects are ineligible for the TVA program.)

Wait... there's more...

Rebates are also available for air sealing, ductwork, and other energy efficiency measures.

Take the first step by calling MLEC or visiting our website for a full list of rebate opportunities and restrictions.


Nathan Wagner, MLEC Energy Specialist

Contact MLEC Energy Specialist Nathan Wagner with your energy related questions! 

Phone: 931-729-7257

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