Area Faces Snow and Frigid Temperatures

Handwritten message in the snow says "Brrr."

MLEC Shares Tips on Staying Warm Efficiently

(January 15, 2024) — Several inches of snow and frigid temperatures have covered the Meriwether Lewis Electric Cooperative service area. The utility understands members are looking to stay warm but also concerned about energy bills and safety. From heat pump tips to simple practices around the home, MLEC has information to help:

  1. Set your thermostat to 68 degrees to warm your home and better manage energy consumption, which has a direct impact on power bills. Also, make sure thermostat batteries are fresh or have replacements on hand.
  2. Keep all doors and registers open inside the home. Closed areas make your unit work harder and can make your home colder.
  3. Can you see daylight through the door threshold? Place a rolled-up towel in those cracks to keep cold air from sneaking inside.
  4. With extremely cold temperatures, leave your indoor faucets dripping to help avoid busted pipes.
  5. If the sun is shining, take advantage of the radiant heat and open your curtains or blinds. Once the sun goes down, close them for an insulation barrier.
  6. Check the batteries of carbon monoxide detectors if utilizing gas heat.
  7. If you need to do chores, try to avoid using large appliances (oven, stove, clothes dryer) during the coldest points of the day. This helps the reliability of the overall power grid.
  8. If you have a heat pump and temperatures drop below 30 degrees, try switching from auxiliary heat to emergency heat mode. This will help limit extended unit run times and ensure warm air is pushed into the home.

Energy efficiency and safety remain a top priority for MLEC, especially during winter weather events. Stay warm by utilizing these tips in your home while also enjoying the snow. For more information on energy efficiency, visit

If you are experiencing an outage, please contact your local MLEC office or call 1-888-879-6038 to report. If you are an MLConnect customer and your power has returned but your Internet has not, please call your local office and section Option 3 for MLConnect, then Option 2 for technical support.

MLEC is a member-owned, not-for-profit electric utility that serves more than 34,500 meters in Hickman, Houston, Humphreys, Lewis and Perry counties. We are your source for power and broadband and help build brighter futures for the communities we serve. Learn more at

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